Holding Village

From a geotechnical perspective, this subdivision has it all.  Initial work at this approximately 100 acres, three-phase residential subdivision began with repairs to a high‑hazard earth dam.  In addition to evaluating the amount of excavation needed to address soft and saturated soils, we verified that the drainage structures were constructed properly and that the new structural fill materials placed in the dam were suitable materials and properly compacted.  We also installed piezometers for long-term evaluations of water levels within the dam structure.  Site preparation for this project also included grading for new roadways and residential building lots, segmental retaining wall construction, utility construction and pavements.  In addition to the high-hazard dam, several other large storm-water control ponds have been required, and TerraTech performed testing and verification of construction of these ponds and their associated drainage control structures.  Verification of the suitability of the planned pavement design was required by the Town of Wake Forest, and TerraTech provided these services.  All in all, an enjoyable and highly successful project for TerraTech and the developer, as houses in the subdivision continue to sell rapidly.