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TerraTech Engineers, Inc. specializes in evaluating how the conditions below the surface of the ground affect your construction projects and in evaluating the quality of the materials used in your construction projects.

Environmental Consulting Services
Our services often begin with a Phase I environmental site assessment to determine the potential for contamination of soils or ground water with hazardous substances. These evaluations are typically performed in accordance with ASTM E1527 (05) guidelines, but can also be tailored to the specific needs of individual lenders that often have their own set of criteria. If the Phase I assessment indicates that a potential for contamination exists, we can perform Phase II assessments and testing to determine if contamination actually is present and provide recommendations for remedial measures.

Geotechnical Engineering Services
The general purpose of our geotechnical evaluations is to determine if the subsurface conditions are suitable for the planned construction. This may include soil borings, test pits, seismic surveys and numerous other methods to determine the conditions present beneath the ground surface. Testing of the samples obtained from our field investigation is then performed in our full service laboratory. The results of our subsurface and laboratory investigations are then evaluated by registered Professional Engineers, and recommendations provided for methods of preparing a site for construction, methods of adequately supporting the planned structures, and design of floor slabs and pavements. Another service we commonly provide is design of segmental block retaining walls. These walls have become common on large construction projects and often entail evaluation of the suitability of the soils present at a site for use as structural fill.

Construction Materials Testing Services
Our construction materials testing services are designed to verify that the materials delivered and installed at the construction site are in compliance with the project plans and specifications. These services often involve soil compaction testing, foundation examinations, concrete quality control testing, steel testing and inspection, pavement testing and inspection, and observations of roofing installation. Our field technicians include concrete technicians certified by the American Concrete Institute, and pavement testing technicians certified by the NCDOT. Our Raleigh laboratory is certified by AASHTO for providing concrete testing services and certified by NCDOT for performing asphalt testing services.

For service information or a detailed analysis of your engineering needs, contact Erwin Williams at (919) 876-9799 or (800) 849-0514.

What we do

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