Representative Projects

Because our services involve evaluation of subsurface conditions, the scope of our work encompasses a wide range of types of structures, pavements, and dams that are all supported by the ground.

A sampling of some of our projects is provided below:

Uniboard Facility in Moncure, NC
TerraTech provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services for this $200 million project in central North Carolina. This industrial facility included large mat foundations for heavy equipment used to create Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panels used in construction. Our services included an evaluation of suitable foundation types for support of the structures, design of pavement systems for supporting large volumes of tractor-trailer delivery trucks, development of construction dewatering plans to allow excavation for installation of below-grade facilities, testing and verification of deep and shallow foundations for various structures, testing of large volumes of concrete for building and pavement construction, structural steel testing, and spray-applied fireproofing testing.

Wake Forest Town Hall, Wake Forest, NC
Our services for this multi-story steel and reinforced concrete structure began with geotechnical evaluations to develop appropriate recommendations for foundation systems.  Site development services included evaluation and testing of petroleum contaminated soils at the site.  Construction testing services included quality control for soil materials placed as structural fill, concrete quality control testing, masonry quality control testing, and asphalt pavement testing.  Special inspection services for this project included foundation inspection services, verification of reinforcing steel for concrete and masonry structures, structural steel inspections, and fire-proofing verifications.

Midtown Commons Shopping Center, Knightdale, NC
TerraTech provided construction materials testing and inspection services for this multi-building retail center. Our services included soils testing services during site grading operations, testing of foundation excavations, testing and inspection services for retaining wall construction, and pavement testing services. Close coordination with the grading contractor, building contractors, owner’s representatives and tenant representatives was required to verify compliance with special requirements for large retail tenants.

Creedmoor Village Shopping Center, Raleigh, NC
Geotechnical and environmental consulting services have been performed for this regional retail center in northern Wake County. Our environmental services included Phase I environmental assessments of the property, evaluations for asbestos containing materials and lead-based paint associated with the existing construction, Phase II environmental assessments to address potential environmental contamination, and monitoring remedial measures to manage environmental concerns. Our geotechnical services included soil test borings and test pit excavations, settlement evaluations for large retail structures as well as thick fills planned to be placed to raise site grades, and pavement thickness designs for the expected heavy truck traffic needed to service this center.

Wilder’s Grove Service Center, Raleigh, NC
Performed engineering design services for two large retaining walls associated with development of a former landfill site for use as a Solid Waste Service Facility. Requirements to install a new wall in close proximity to a Tree Save line required innovative thinking to develop a large StoneStrong wall capable of resisting heavy lateral loads with no geogrid reinforcement. The second wall was constructed utilizing smaller CMU blocks for a more traditional segmental retaining wall to support heavy traffic loads. Close coordination with the site civil designer, owner and contractor was required to allow development and construction of these walls.

Parkwest Village Apartments in Morrisville, NC
TerraTech performed a Phase I environmental site assessment of this wooded property scheduled to be developed for residential apartments.  Our services also included design of traditional segmental retaining walls that are to be located within close proximity to planned new apartment buildings.

Johnston Memorial Hospital, Smithfield, NC
Environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, and construction materials testing services have been provided on numerous facility improvements and new construction projects at the Johnston Memorial Hospital property dating to 1993. Our environmental services have included Phase I environmental assessments, removal of underground fuel storage tanks, testing of soils and ground water for petroleum contamination, coordination with state agencies for closure of underground storage tanks, and assessments of asbestos-containing building materials. Our geotechnical investigations have included soil borings and test pits for development of foundation recommendations for new office areas, new medical evaluation facilities, and a new patient tower. Our construction testing services have included soils, concrete, structural steel, and asphalt testing on numerous projects including a Medical Arts Pavilion, Mental Health Center, Women's Pavilion, Emergency Room addition, and new Patient Tower.

Renaissance One Office Building, Raleigh, NC
Geotechnical engineering for six-story office structure with column loads of 1000 kips. Detailed laboratory investigation to determine settlement characteristics allowed this heavily loaded structure to be supported on conventional shallow foundations. Construction materials testing services were also performed, including foundation evaluations, concrete quality control, structural steel testing and inspection, fireproofing testing, and asphalt pavement testing.


NC Wildlife Resources Commission Building, Raleigh, NC
Geotechnical engineering for multi-story cast-in-place concrete facility with heavy column loads and concrete retaining walls. Due to heavy loads and compressible foundation soils, an innovative reinforced shallow foundation system was developed to reduce the overall foundation settlement and allow the building to be constructed on shallow foundations. Construction materials testing services were also performed, including testing of structural fill materials, foundation evaluations, concrete quality control testing, structural steel testing, and pavement system testing.

Target Store, Apex, NC
Geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for large retail facility in Durham Triassic Basin geology. Testing services included structural fill evaluations, foundation testing and evaluations, concrete quality control, floor flatness testing, and quality control of masonry construction.

Harris Wholesale Warehouse and Offices, Raleigh, NC
Geotechnical engineering evaluation and construction materials testing for construction of a large beer distributor warehouse. The presence of partially weathered rock and rock, along with perched ground water, required development of systems to manage ground water during construction and to limit differential settlement of foundations between areas bearing on rock and areas bearing on structural fill. Large areas of concrete flatwork required maintaining control of concrete quality throughout the construction.

Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC
Performed geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services for a 20,000-seat amphitheatre in Southeast Raleigh. Services included structural fill testing, evaluations of shallow foundation and pile foundations, concrete quality control, structural steel testing at the project site and at the steel fabrication shop, and asphalt pavement testing.

Bedford at Falls River Subdivision, Raleigh, NC
Environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, and soils testing for development of infrastructure and residential building lots for 625-acre parcel in North Raleigh. Services included a Phase I environmental site assessment, a geotechnical study including test borings and test pits, testing of structural fill materials, testing of utility trench backfill, coordination of inspection services with City of Raleigh personnel, and verification of suitability of lots for residential construction.

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